Just Launched | Marco Pierre White’s App Gives You Huge Deals At Brisbane’s Best Restaurants

By Rachel Lay
20th Sep 2018

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If the Barefoot Investor has kind of ruined your penchant for dining out for pretty much every meal, we have a feeling this news is going to change your life (without screwing up your splurge account!). 

Marco Pierre White has co-founded a pretty game-changing app called EatClub. It’s revolutionised the Melbourne and Sydney dining scenes, and, like all good things, it’s finally come to Brisbane after all of our patient waiting.

What Is It?

Glad you asked. EatClub allows restaurants with empty tables to immediately upload last minute deals that you can redeem. Through EatClub, restaurants can fill their empty tables, and you get to eat out for up to 50% off including drinks. We believe that’s what they call a win-win.

Download the app here and after redeeming any EatClub deal, use The Urban List’s exclusive promo code ‘TUL’ to add an ADDITIONAL 20% off, that means your 30% off deal, will be upgraded to a 50% off deal. Nope, we don't make any sweet commission on that code, by the way, we just couldn't write about the app without hooking you guys up with a banger of a discount. 

For the mathletes out there, yes, that does, in fact, mean you could be dining out at 70% off. The best bit? That’s including your whole bill too, even drinks. 

Cool! So How Does It Work?

If a local restaurant is experiencing a quiet period, they can jump onto EatClub and push out a deal, for a limited amount of time. Think, 50% off your total bill if you make it to the restaurant within the next two hours. So, the next time you’re heading out for a meal, whip out the app and browse EatClub deals near you. But be quick, there are only limited deals, so once they’re all snapped up—they disappear from the app,  so it pays to be quick. 

Rather than just stuffing your face with some wonderfully priced nosh, consider it this way: by redeeming EatClub deals you’re helping to support local restaurateurs keep in business by filling up their empty tables during off-peak periods. So, rather than pushing customers away from restaurants and into eating in front of Netflix in your PJs (guilty), they're all about fostering that local dining scene and getting bums back in seats, which we love.

Um, Sign Me Up! What Restaurants Are Involved?

This is the best part. Fritzenberger, Harajuku Gyoza, The Defiant Duck, Pourboy, Banoi, Super Combo, Santa Monica Pizza & Burger Bar, Ze Pickle, Lucky Egg, Comuna Cantina, Corbett & Claude, Pineapple Express and more are already on board, and new restaurants sign up every day. 

Editor’s note: this article was produced in partnership with EatClub, thank you for supporting the partners who make The Urban List possible. To read our editorial policy, click here.

Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Images.

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