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Mark The Date, A Massive Meteor Shower Is Hitting Skies This Wednesday

By Rick Stephens
20th Apr 2020

A bue and pink night sky filled with stars and clouds

Last week, the sky treated us to a super moon in ultra HD, and this week we’ll be treated to a meteor shower that’s coming in hotter than that new episode of Tiger King we’re all patiently waiting for.

The out-of-this-atmosphere display, known as the Lyrids Meteor shower, can actually be seen most Aprils thanks to the comet known as C/1861 G1 Thatcher. You see, Thatcher is currently thundering through the cosmos on a casual 415-year orbit of the sun, and what we see from Earth is essentially ice and rock entrails as our orbit sets us up for prime viewing this time each year.

Typically, you can catch the phenomenon between 16 and 25 April, but this year, we’re expecting an epic display of fireballs—which is the legitimate scientific name for this type of meteor—skimming our atmosphere on Wednesday 22 April.

The Lyrids Meteor shower is one of the oldest of its kind, with early recordings dating back over 2500 years in early Chinese literature, but the only time you need to note is 11pm onwards, which is when the shower is expected to peak on the night.

Still thinking about that new episode of Tiger King? Get the lowdown here.

Image credit: Usukhbayar Gankhuyag | Unsplash 

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