Mindful in May Returns

By Ellen Seah
19th Apr 2015

It's time to take stock, Listers. Chill the proverbial beans, smell the roses, have a break, have a Kit Kat. Thankfully, next month gives you the opportunity to do just that with the return of Mindful in May—the international meditation event by doctor Elise Bialylew that gives you the chance to hop off life’s treadmill for just 10 minutes a day. Come onnn—it’s just 10 minutes!

Mindful in May runs through—you guessed it—May, and aims to teach participants the importance of tranquillity and calmness. Where do we sign up?

Participants can register online, then donate or earn sponsorship from friends and family, just to ensure they’re not skimping on the meditation. But you can’t keep the dollies—all donations go towards raising money for clean water wells in developing countries.

The Mindful in May program has been enormously successful in the past, raising over $300 000 in the last three years for not-for-profit agency, Charity Water. It’s really no mystery why it’s so popular. Taking time out of your high-frequency day for a good cause? What a peerrrfect idea.

This year's ambassadors include everyone's fave flower child, Lola Berry, while previous participants include comedian Magda Szubanski and international company Google. If you Google gang can peace out for a bit each day, we’re pretty confident you can wrangle a mere 600 seconds (that’s 10 minutes guys) daily to recalibrate and support this wonderful foundation. (Did you know one in six people in this world lives without clean water??)

Register now for Mindful in May and you’ll have access to daily guided meditation sessions with global experts, and walk with a clear conscience and happy soul. Still not sold? Meditation has been shown to decrease stress and improve physical and mental wellbeing. Genius!

If you’re nervous about the monthly commitment, round up a group of friends and register as a team. There’s nothing better than peer pressure to keep you dedicated, after all.

So be Mindful in May—it’ll be both good for you, and good for the global community. Jump on board before the end of April to get those sponsors rolling and your eyes closing here.

Mindful in May | 1 - 31 May
Registration is $30 (gives you access to the one month online course starting May 1st)
Website | Facebook

Image Credit: Spell Designs

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