Here’s The Full Low Down On The AR-Inspired Minecraft Earth

By Jessica Best
18th Nov 2019


Remember when Pokémon Go hit our iPhone screens and we all went mad and ended up trolling parks at 11pm at night just to find a Pikachu? Well, let the madness ensue again… kind of.

Yep, if you were a mammoth stan of the action-adventure game Minecraft as a youngin’, then you should know that this gem is poised to be the next mobile AR gaming craze. That means no mouse and no keyboard. Let us explain.

You’ll basically be able to point your smartphone in real-time and build and collect through augmented reality plus, the game will also be free-to-play for iOS and Android devices. However this time around, the possibilities are a bit different. Minecraft Earth has been created with all the safety in mind (and learnings from Pokémon Go) so players will effectively be kept away from any dangerous situations like trespassing on private property which we're very much into.

Much like Pokémon Go, you’ll get to wander through neighbourhoods (through your phone, it will look like Minecraft) and tap small icons, collect bits and pieces and then use these items to build things. Head here for more info.

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Image credit: Minecraft Earth

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