Start Saving, Sweden’s Mirror Cube Hotel Is The Ultimate After-Iso Destination

By Rick Stephens
25th Sep 2020

A mirrored cube perched on a tree in snowy Swedish mountains.

Sure, we’ve had to put the idea of international travel on the backburner, and while we might be waiting a while longer yet, we can’t live our life in limbo forever. It’s time to make tentative plans to cross the pond by adding to your must-see, must-do and must-stay lists—if you’re struggling for inspiration, get started with Sweden’s Mirrorcube treetop hotel.

You’ll find Treehotel’s Mirrorcube in Sweden’s northern mountainous region known as Harads. The accommodation is comfortable, yet minimal, relying on Scandinavia’s stunning natural surroundings to take guests breath away, and indeed it does, especially so in winter.

This vistas from Mirrorcube’s concealed balcony look over the Lule River Valley, which is comprised of miles of forest and the Lule River itself. While inside, a large tree grows through the centre of the cube to keep you in touch with nature at all times.

The Scandinavian experience extends beyond the Mirrorcube’s aesthetic, however. Treehotel run all sorts of activities which cater to every level of adventure; get started with a spot of kayaking in Lule river’s more subdued stretches, take off on a moose safari or let the river take you away with a guided white-water rafting experience. At the right time of year, around March and April, you may be fortunate enough to catch the Northern Lights in all their glory.

The Mirrorcube comes in at around a hefty $750 AUD a night. It’s best suited for couples... and that bucket list which is no doubt getting longer by the day.

While you wait for borders to reopen, plan your local escape via our Travel section.

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