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5 Reasons We’re Living For The New Nars Climax Mascara

By Jessica Pridmore
16th Aug 2018


Calm down, Nars. As if 2018 hasn’t already been a freaking huge win for you (Orgasm lip balm, anyone?) you go and release yet ANOTHER product that’s going to change our damn lives, rendering our beauty bags redundant unless we get our hands on your latest release. You big givers, you.

This week, the French beauty powerhouse released ‘Climax’ mascara, their latest wonder product, and it’s put the global beauty industry into a tailspin. Now, while mascara doesn’t necessarily have the same je ne sais quoi as, say, their orgasm lip balm that dominated NYC Fashion Week earlier this year, it’s worth noting that Nars doesn’t release a half-baked newbie. Ever. Expectations have been running high, and everyone who’s anyone has been scrambling to get their hands on the stuff. So, what’s the hype all about?

Nars’ Climax has been hailed as wonder mascara (big call, we know), so here’s 5 reasons why this needs to be in your beauty bag:

  • It won’t clump, so buildable application is a cinch (bai spikey, clumpy lashes)
  • It’s smudge-resistant so you won’t resemble a panda after a morning’s wear
  • It’s flake proof—DREAM result, right there
  • Its volumising formula will give you fat, voluptuous lashes, and we’re all about that
  • The formula is moisturising, not drying, so your lashes won’t break. Win

Clearly, Climax covers all the bases when it comes to the ‘must-haves’ mascara checklist. The formula promises a pure black hue with the magical abilities to add oomph to even the limpest of lashes. And, yeah, we’re sold.

Want to try it for yourself (of course you do!)? Get it here

Image credit: Nars backstage

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