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Four More Shows To Binge On This Weekend If You’ve Already Finished OITNB

By Catherine Blake
17th Aug 2018


There's nothing as tragic or disheartening than coming to the end of an episode and realizing it was the season finale. Our exasperated voices rise up in a chorus of ‘Now what?!’ as we neatly rebuff Netflix’s flimsy suggestions on what to watch next completely miss the mark and prove once again that the algorithm doesn’t know us even half as well as we thought it would.

Well don’t panic, because we’ve done gone and researched you a delicate selection of recommendations for the next time Netflix runs out of fresh episodes of your favourite show.

Happy viewing, couch sebagos.



Following the lives of seven people with chronic illness, Afflicted explores the reality of people living with illnesses hard to diagnose and even harder to treat. Opening up the worlds of people living with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, chronic fatigue, and a visceral aversion to mold, Afflicted explores the mind-body connection in an effort to try to understand the cause of the subjects’ suffering. 

Amazing Interiors


If Bobby is your favourite member of the Fab Five, you’re gonna bloody froth Amazing Interiors. As the first Netflix original about home improvement, this show is essentially XXX-rated interior porn showing off the private homes of talented aesthetes who have completely transformed their space. An old church gets a steampunk makeover, old student accommodation becomes a swanky penthouse, and one home owner even has an indoor snorkeling tank. If it’s inspo you’re after, Amazing Interiors will tick whatever box you got.

Dark Tourist


If you ever think you’ve got a weird travel kink I have news for you: unless you’re featured on Dark Tourist, you have nothing to worry about. This show follows filmmaker David Farrier investigate the phenomenon of ‘dark tourism’, an aptly named practise that sees perfectly ordinary citizens pack a bag of their stuff and head to places of death and destruction. Destinations include nuclear test sites, active war zones, and the Manson house, as Farrier pushes way past his comfort zone in the attempt to compose this morbid postcard in eight parts. 

Iliza Shlesinger’s Elder Milennial


Ending things of a high note, Ilize Shlesinger’s Netflix comedy special might not technically be binge-able but it’s still well worth watching. Born right on the cusp of Gen X and Y, Shlesinger deems herself an ‘elder millennial’ and devotes her 72-minute set imparting wisdom and laying down some scorching truths about what she’s learned over her life thus far. Taking aim at dating culture, pet parenthood, and the feminine beauty ideal, Shlesinger’s aptitude for real talk breaks down the quirks of our troubled generation and shines a light on our drama. Expect bulk laughs and a dog in a sailor hat.

Image credit: Dark Tourist | Netflix

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