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Netflix Just Released The Chilling Trailer For Its New True Crime Docuseries

By Jessica Best
4th Dec 2018

“If I wrote The Innocent Man as a novel, folks probably wouldn’t believe it.”

Those are the words from John Grisham, the author of one of the most controversial true crime books of all time.

Enter The Innocent Man, also known as the new true crime binge you never knew you were thirsty for. And judging from the trailer, this one looks like it could be an even more sinister version of Making A Murderer. As always, we're here for it.

The six-part docoseries is based on John Grisham’s 2006 book The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town and includes actual interviews with family members and friends, confession tapes and recreations to tale two killings that happened in Oklahoma during the 1980s.

The documentary delves into the lives of four men who were allegedly wrongfully convicted for these murders and looks at a bunch of other facets of the controversial case too like the corruption of the US judicial system, the impact of incarceration and life on death row.

The documentary will kick off globally on December 14 so watch this space.

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Image credit: Netflix

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