On The Record | GRAACE Talks Skateboarding And Summer Beats

By Morgan Reardon
2nd Dec 2020

GRAACE holds a skateboard and runs a hand through her hair.

If you’re after a sweet beat to get those summer vibes flowing then you need to pour yourself a margarita and bliss out to GRAACE’s latest bop You Do You. Australia’s queen of dancefloor pop is at it again, slinging us a brand new tune that is set to become a permanent feature on our holiday playlists. But perhaps our favourite thing about GRAACE’s new hit? The nostalgia-inducing music video that sees the singer showing off her skills at a Sydney skate park with her mate Winnie Blues. 

We caught up with GRAACE on the cusp of Australia’s lockdown restrictions easing to talk about how she stayed motivated during lockdown, new creative avenues and how her latest track came to be.

2020 has been a rollercoaster, what have been some of your biggest takeaways so far?

Picking up new hobbies has been massive for my mental health. Cooking has been something I never realised I loved so much, and I picked back up cruising on my skateboard. 

Your latest single You Do You is such a vibe, how did the song come about?

I was feeling a bit stuck from all the stoppings that happened during Covid and I wanted to amp myself up to get out of my funk. I was in the studio with my friend Xav and he started playing the bass line and the melody and lyrics honestly just fell out of me from all of my built up emotions.

The music video features some epic skateboarding skills from you and Winnie Blues, talk to me about the inspo behind it?

To be honest I wouldn't say I’m a skateboarder on any terms but from when I was about 11 I've always loved cruising on a long board instead of walking. I picked it back up whilst in Byron a few months back on my first holiday since Covid and it was the most free I had felt all year. I wanted to emulate those same vibes I felt on that trip with my friends, so what a better way than to actually film with a friend.

You’ve pumped out a few tracks during a turbulent year, slinging bangers like Body Language, how have you kept the motivation high and the creative juices flowing?

I wouldn't say I have to be honest. I think I wrote a lot less than I normally do behind the scenes and I had a lot of down days. I wasn't always motivated and it’s been a really hard year so a lot of us creatives so I just wanna practice what I preach and be honest.

We have to talk about your new Youtube series ‘Mates & Plates’ with your mate and singer Ruby Fields—how did that HAPPEN?

Haha, good ol’ Ruby. We've been close friends since we were young and hadn't ever filmed anything together and when I thought of the idea of a cooking show she was the first friend I thought of. I picked up cooking in quarantine and since I wasn't always writing I wanted to fill my time with something creative in other ways.

Touring and live shows have been pretty much a no-go this year, with restrictions lifting what’s the plan for you next?

Live music and lots of it. 

How stoked are you to be performing live again?

Insanely! I cannot explain how badly I've missed live music. Performing and watching.

Finally, what are your plans for 2021?

Releasing my second EP is something I'm so stoked for and have been waiting for since my last! My goal is to get back on the road across Aus playing shows again (Covid safe of course) but playing live music wherever I can is high up on my priorities.

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