On The Record | Touring, Tea And Tamagotchis With Mallrat

By Jessica Best
1st Mar 2019

Most days you’ll find Grace Sanders (also – Mallrat), sipping herbal tea and eating some damn delicious vegan pizza. She’s the eclectic pop slash hip-hop sound in everyone’s ears right now and considering she’s just 20, that’s a pretty huge feat.

Now, Mallrat is about to kickstart a full-blown circuit of Australia just off the back of dropping her new single Nobody’s Home (it’s a tune) so we caught up with the Brisbane pocket rocket to chat about her upcoming tour and every artist she’s vibing with right now.

Firstly, congrats on hitting the top ranks in Triple J's Hottest 100! Talk us through how it feels to have Groceries at #7 and what were you doing when you found out?

Thank you! It feels so cool, the Hottest 100 placement is still hard for me to comprehend. I really didn't expect Groceries to be so popular. We have been on tour overseas so we listened to the countdown from Chicago. It was 3am and snowing and my DJ and I ordered vegan pizza to celebrate.

You’ve been busy performing at a heap of massive festivals, how many do think you’ve done in the past year and was there ever a special moment for you?

Soooo many festivals! This last year has just been one big, never-ending party. Somebody did a graph of all the Australian festival lineups and me and Winston Surfshirt tied for playing the most out of everybody last year— which is crazy. My favourite shows were Splendour and Falls Festival in Marion Bay! Both of those crowds were magic.


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Okay so, Field Day + performing with The Veronicas. Tell us everything.

Those girls are amazing! I've always looked up to them, and we started working on music together a little bit last year and became fast friends. I am so grateful that they came and played with us, hopefully we can do that again soon.

How would you describe your sound and where do you draw the most music influence from? 

I listen to lots of different music; from country to indie to dance music to pop to hip hop. So I think all of those influences mash together in my music to make weird sounding pop songs.

Let’s chat about your upcoming Australia tour. You started with 7 shows and because of tickets selling out, you now have 12. How surreal does that feel?

It's crazy, but I don't think it will feel real until we are at the shows and can physically see all the people. I am so excited about this tour and really keen to hang out with our beautiful support acts. We're bringing Basenji and Kota Banks and Nyne, so it's an all-star team.


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Speaking of, you collab'd with Basenji in your new song Nobody’s Home, can you tell us all about bringing this tune to life?

Nobody's Home started as a voice memo I recorded in a bathroom in Japan a couple of years ago. Months later, I met up with Basenji and we started making this really colourful beat, and the chorus I had mumbled into my phone fit it perfectly. I love how the song turned out, it's exactly the sort of pop song I want to hear when I turn on the radio. 

You often share your favourite artists and songs on Instagram, who are you fanning over right now and why?

Right now I'm listening to a lot of Mitski, Dolly Parton and Cub Sport. I also love the new Kim Petras X SOPHIE track.

Can you spill the beans on the meaning behind some of your tattoos?

They were all very spontaneous! None of them have significant meanings, just fun memories that I attach to my friends. My first tattoo is a pigeon by Sam from Cub Sport, he did that for me just before my 18th birthday. And then on my 18th birthday, my little sister drew a flower which some friends and I got tattooed on our hands. I've also got a bee, a butterfly, a spider, a love heart, a magpie and my dog's name.

Do you have any favourite or ritual-esque things to do before and after a festival you’re performing at? 

Put on glitter! That's the only constant, my dj and I are pretty chill.

You look like you live the dreamiest life, what does a day in the life of Mallrat look like?

It's probably not as glamorous as it looks! If we are on tour, then most of the day is spent in a van or on a plane or at the airport. But we do get to briefly see some amazing places and meet lots of wonderful people. If I'm not on tour I will just be drinking lots of tea and coffee, and sitting in my garden, working on music, or reading. I don't leave my house if I don't have to.


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How’s your Tamagotchi going? We’re hoping it’s still alive and well.

Unfortunately, she fell off her keychain at Grill'd one night. One of the guys working there messaged me on Instagram, saying he found it on the floor, but I was going overseas the next day so I said he could keep her! I might have to get another one.

Lastly, you’re a Brissie girl at heart, where are some of your favourite places to eat and drink?

My favourite spots are Canter and Colt out in Samford, and Black Star and Govinda's in West End.
Head here to find out more about Mallrat's no-frills Australian tour.
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