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You Can Now Buy Your House In LEGO®!

By Bella Ramdhanie
4th Apr 2018

Order LEGO house on Etsy

So, a thing happened. A ridiculously talented artist is replicating people’s real-life homes into miniature LEGO® versions. That’s right, from interior to exterior, brick by brick, this artist will recreate your very own home into LEGO®—the resemblance is uncanny and we are in awe.

Artist, Shari Austrian, launched Little Brick Lane (nawww) as an Etsy shop. It is an online platform that allows for customers to upload plans and photos of their real-life home and in return, receive a miniature LEGO® home replica. Basically, it’s a cuteness and creativity overload, and people are verrrrry excited!

Shari prides herself on bringing smiles to her customer’s faces and with these creations, we can see just how she does! The crazy wonderful creations are detailed down to colours, layout and furnishings. If you’re a LEGO® enthusiast, it truly is your lucky day, and if not, just check out her finished designs because if nothing else, they will bring a smile to your dial.


What: Order Your House In Lego From Etsy

When: Now!

Where: Etsy

Get more info here!

Image Credit:  Shari Austrian/Little Brick Lane

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