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Our Pick Of Australia’s Best Jewellery Designers

By Sophie Colvin
14th Oct 2015

There’s a stack of Aussie jewellery designers doing their bit to keep you really well accessorised these days! From home studios to internationally renowned brands, there’s stunningly beautiful, intricately crafted and wonderfully wacky jewellery coming from all corners of our creative country.

We’ve hand picked our eight favourite Aussie jewellery designers that’ll help transform your wardrobe, and inspire the fashionista within.

Emily Green

The queen of polymer clay jewellery, Emily Green has embraced colour like no other. Starting out with her still-popular nine bead necklace, Emily has now expanded her range into a seemingly infinite number of bead combinations and earrings, which are all entirely hand crafted. In addition to her growing range of retail products, Emily also regularly exhibits artworks and holds creative workshops on colour and design.

Natalie Marie

One of my personal favourites, Natalie Marie Jewellery resonates with those of us that have a soft spot for smaller, finer pieces of jewellery. Based in Sydney, Natalie wears many different hats, designing, creating and refining each and every piece herself. Her collection is filled with precious metals and semi-precious stones, and there’s a practical elegance to each of her designs that means they’re perfect for every-day wear. Check out this season’s two-tone Moon Ring for something simple and stunning. Natalie also takes orders for custom made pieces.

Lucy Folk

One Seriously talented jewellery designer, Lucy Folk has been flying the Aussie flag on the international stage, making waves in the fashion and accessories scene overseas.

Lucy works with a huge range of materials to produce some beautiful, interesting and downright wacky pieces. She often crochets metallic materials to create clustered, knitted looks that are accompanied by glass, metal or pearls. Lucy’s pieces are fantastic if you’re after something a bit quirky that’s really going to lift an outfit.

Lucy comes from a long line of clever cookies— her parents are the owners and brains behind delicious drink brand, Capi. Creativity and entrepreneurship obviously runs in the family!

Rachel Laura Gorman

Another Melbourne-based designer, Rachel Gorman works as both a florist and a jeweller. Designing under the moniker Rachel Laura Gorman, Rachel’s jewellery design is heavily influenced by her work with flowers. Creating pieces almost entirely with precious metals, the detail in each design is mind blowing. Rachel aims for her jewellery to take on a magical quality and maaaan, does she succeed. There’s something so romantic and whimsical about her designs, we bet you’ll be smitten.

Melanie Rice

Melbourne designer and maker, Melanie Rice has been putting her stamp on Aussie outfits since 2009. Working predominantly with enamel and copper, Melanie creates a huge range of jewellery that includes the full gamut—necklaces, rings, bangles and earrings. Her designs are the sort of thing that you can effortlessly throw on to completely transform an outfit. Not too bright, not too chunky, not too boring, they are the go-to accessory that you’ll be wearing for years.

Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs doesn’t really need any introduction, but a list of our favourite Aussie Jewellery designers wouldn’t be complete without them. Mixing things up between precious metals and resin, Dinosaur Designs’ range varies hugely, from delicate silver rings to chunky resin necklaces. They’ve really got accessories for every occasion…and outfit!

The business baby of husband and wife team, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, Dinosaur Designs has grown to be both an Aussie favourite and a big hit overseas; with Dinosaur Designs stores in the US and UK as well.


Emily Dornbusch made herself a necklace that received so much praise from friends and family that a funky jewellery business, Emeldo, was launched. Emily is based in Torquay on Victoria’s surf coast and does all of the designing, production and distribution of Emeldo pieces herself. Emily works with cotton ford, brightly coloured thread, tassels and some metallics to create easy to wear jewellery that’s, light, bright and fun. I’m seriously lusting after this Arizona necklace for summer


Tahli Kornhauser, the creative mastermind behind relaxed jewellery brand DAGNY, produces fun but intricate hand-woven accessories using a traditional Japanese technique of braid-making called Kumihimo (meaning ‘gathered threads’). Tahli works out of her studio in Collingwood and each piece that she makes is unique. The necklaces are made from Japanese silk and are threaded with vintage lacite beads that are sourced from America. So gorgeous!

Image credit: Jayden + Caroline of Woodnote Photography for Emily Green, Natalie Marie, Lucy Folk, Rachel Laura, Emily Rice, Dinosaur Designs, Emeldo, DAGNY

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