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Cancel Your Plans, Stan Is Dropping Parasite This Weekend

By Morgan Reardon
7th Apr 2020


One of 2020’s good news stories has to be Parasite taking out best film at the most recent Academy Awards. It made history for being the first non-English language movie to take out the top prize. And for good reason, it’s a seriously good flick! Parasite's Bong Joon-ho also scored the award for best director and best original screenplay award—so yea, it was kind of a big freaking deal. 

If you didn’t catch it at the movies—it had a very limited release so no shade—then cancel your other (streaming) plans this weekend because Stan is dropping the award-winning flick for your viewing pleasure this Saturday, 11 April.

That’s right, months before it was due to hit our small screens,(and only two months since it's big award win) Stan has done us a serious solid and brought the release forward because honestly, we deserve this. 

For those who haven’t heard of Parasite before, despite the name it’s not actually a horror flick, more of a satirical thriller about materialism and status envy with a dose of dark comedy.

It follows the lives of two families from different classes in Seoul—the Kim family who live in poverty in a basement apartment, and the Parks, a wealthy family residing in a sprawling mansion in the fancy part of town.

Their worlds collide when teenager Ki-woo Kim takes a job as an English tutor for the Park’s daughter Da-hye. The only problem? He lied about his credentials and he soon finds himself falling for Da-hye. More trouble heads their way when Ki-woo’s sister adds to lie posing as an art therapist for the Park’s son. Yep, the two families become entangled with one another and dark secrets from both sides rise to the surface with catastrophic results. 

Check out the trailer below.

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Image Credit: Stan

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