10 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts To Get For Your Pet

By Ben Tyers
20th Dec 2017


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and while you’re out enjoying the festivities and saying awkward things to your boss at the Christmas party, your best friend is at home waiting for you, hoping that you’ll be home soon.

So you better bloody get them a decent present.

If you’ve been lazy and haven’t bought them anything yet, this list is absolutely for you.

Benefits of buying your pet a present include:

  • Increase in pet’s happiness.
  • Increase in your happiness.
  • Your pet will feel superior amongst their peers.
  • All family members will be accepting of you spending hundreds of dollars on your pet’s present when you can’t even afford to pay your rent on time.

So here you go, here are some last-minute Christmas gifts to buy your pet this year.


Rogz Grinz Ball

Why just buy your pooch a normal ball this Christmas when you can buy one that makes it look like they’re smiling?

Buy it here.

Dog Umbrella

While we’re in the midst of summer, we’re still prone to getting a nice old thunderstorm that’s bound to ruin your park visit. With the dog umbrella, you don’t have to worry about a storm raining on your parade.

Buy it here.

Novelty Outfits

What better way to make your dog stand out on their walk than to dress them in a costume from your/their favourite movie?

Buy one here.

Water Fountain

It gets hot out in the backyard, so give your doggo a water fountain that they can control themselves to keep them cool.

Buy one here.


The ultimate in dog gift luxury, the Furbo let’s you see your pet via its app, talk to them, and throw treats at them when you need to.

Buy one here.


A Fancy Arse Scandi-Style Cat Scratcher

Your cat is a stylish being, so why not buy them a cat scratcher that suits their very fine tastes.

Buy one here.

A Bauble Cat Toy

Your cat is going to cause havoc by ripping presents open, and climbing the Christmas tree, so you may as well just own it and add toys.

Buy one here.

A Festive Hat

Hats and clothes aren’t just for dogs, we’ve heard that cats absolutely love being dressed up. They’re all for it.

Buy it here.

Cat Laser

Is your cat big on tech? Then they’ll love this interactive cat laser. It’ll shine a laser all over the joint and your beloved feline will have no idea what’s going on.

Get one here.

Other Pets

Yabby TV Tank

Apparently, yabbies are pretty rad pets, so if you’re in the market for one you needn’t look any further for their future home.

Grab one here.

Guinea Pig/Rabbit Antlers

The smaller the animal, the cuter the hat. Your rabbit, or guinea pig will absolutely love their new antlers. They will dream of one day being a much larger animal.

Buy one here.

If you don’t have a pet, or you just want to help out anyway, it’s worth considering donating to the RSPCA who do great work in helping animals across Australia. Donate to the RSPCA here.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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