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We’ve Found The Best Indoor Plant App Ever Invented & It’s Free!

By Claire Plush
24th Nov 2017

plant life balance

The days of murdering countless innocent indoor plants are over, thanks to an app that is going to change the way you load up your home with greenery. 

Plant Life Balance is like having a virtual nursery assistant slash interior designer on call, telling you what looks good where, how specific plants will affect your health and wellbeing, how to take care of them so they look more green than mean, and where you can buy said plants locally. Basically, it’s everything you’ve ever needed. And it’s pretty damn cute too!

The app can rate your space, based on the size of your room and the amount of plants that call it home, but be warned for some harsh critiquing—we were told we’d made a “good start” when we’d thought we were totally nailing the whole indoor plant thing. Doh!

You can also choose to style your space using ‘looks’ created by these plant wizards. From Desert Dreams (hello succulents!) and Birds & Bees (a mix of Aussie natives), to Sharehouse Heroes (so eclectic!), you’ll then take a photo of your room and start pulling in the featured plants from the selected list, complete with plant stands and shelves. Genius? We think yes!

While we’re definitely going to use this to up our indoor jungle game, there’s also the option for the app to analyse your outdoor space, from yards to balconies and courtyards, fitting out any area based on the amount of sun and shade you have access to. 

Like all good things, Plant Life Balance is Australian-made and FREE, so go on and get downloading here. We’re already obsessed!

Image credit: Plant Life Balance

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