This App Is Basically Shazam, But For Plants

By Ben Tyers
11th Aug 2017


Have you ever found yourself walking through gardens, forests, or even down the street and wondered to yourself what that beautiful plant is called?

Well, you are in massive luck because there is totally an app for that.

PlantNet is a free app that you need to download asap, before long you’ll be able to identify your Ficus lyrata from your Ficus benghalensis—a much sought after skill.

At the moment there are only just over 4,000 species of plants available for identification on the app, so there’s plenty of work still to be done. The app pulls data from a social network which gathers pictures and info on plants, and then works that in with their visualisation software.

It’s available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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Image credit: Joao Silas

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