Plogging Is The Latest Fitness Trend That’s Cleaning Up The Globe

By Rosie Gregory
1st Apr 2018

The Scandi’s know a lifestyle trend or two—Hygge anyone?—and the latest emerging from the Nordic region promises not only to boost your own health, but saves the planet at the same time!

Plogging, the combo of “plocka upp” (Swedish for picking up) and jogging, is the latest fitness craze for the growing conscious community who are looking to save our earth from the chokehold of rubbish and plastic pollution that is clogging up our cities, waterways and oceans.

As simple as lacing up for a jog and stopping to pick up any rubbish you find en route, all you’ll need is a bag for trash and ideally, a pair of gloves for whatever surprises you may encounter along the way. Don’t be fooled though, plogging is definitely not a rubbish way to get fit. Mimicking the actions of a squat, deadlift and burpee as you run and reach down to gather trash, this is one workout that actually deserves a proud, sweaty selfie after.

After appearing on Instagram back in 2016, plogging is all of a sudden gaining widespread popularity, with plogging groups emerging around the globe and 'ploggers' taking to social media to spread environmental awareness.

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Image credit: Moneyish

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