The Best Podcasts To Listen To If You Want To Kickstart Your Side Hustle

By Mathew Trenear
5th Nov 2019

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So you’re reading this article because, we're assuming, you’ve got something happening on the side you’d like to turn into a money maker. This one is for those people out there who are thinking of putting their career on hold for a minute in search something a little more fulfilling, or at least work towards it.

On your next commute, start working your way through this list of, just quietly, the best podcasts to kickstart your side hustle and help you decide if that working-for-yourself life is for you. 

Just Quit Your Job! | Greg Puffman and Ted Zepp

To kick off this list of ultra helpful podcasts, we thought you may need a little help (read: a big kick) with the first step of the impending life change. Leaving your current job is often the hardest part of the whole process but once you’ve taken the leap, it’s like opening the floodgates. At least, that’s what these guys say. Greg Puffman and Ted Zepp will talk you through the world of digital commerce and how to get that cash money flowing. Sounds damn good to us. More details here

The Side Hustle Show | Nick Loper

The motto of this show is all about taking the stress out of the 9-5 and making the 5-9 count. Nick Loper will break down how some of the most successful entrepreneurs have made it to the big time and how you can do the same. Learn tips and tricks, business strategies and find opportunities to grow your side hustle in all ways possible with this one.

The Side Hustle Project | Ryan Robinson

Okay, so if you’re still reading this article, you’re probably taking this pretty seriously. And we’re glad! Because Ryan Robinson is here to share his experiences with side hustles and all the nitty gritty bits behind what it actually takes to run a profitable business... and keep it happening, year after year. Guests also share their entrepreneurial knowledge and reveal the do’s and don’ts in the world of digital business growth and proven strategies that have worked for them. 

Smart Passive Income | Pat Flynn

This world-renowned podcast talks about working hard setting up a business so that in the future you can rake in those dollar bills with little to no effort involved. This one dives deep into the hows, whens and whys so you can make the smartest decisions when it comes to your side hustle. Your bank account is already excited.

Side Hustle School | Chris Guillebeau

Brought to you by Chris Guillebeau, American writer and blogger, this podcast focuses on making your side hustle a reality while maintaining your 9 to 5, so listen up if you’re not quite ready to make the leap just yet. A daily podcast, usually running for about 10 minutes, in this one you’ll learn how people around the world have turned their own side hustles into thriving businesses. Think a $15,000 bow tie side hustle and $1,500 a month in revenue for a balloon art business. Anything is possible folks.

The Fizzle Show | Fizzle Co.

If you’re almost convinced, then this podcast is sure to push you over the edge and send you into side hustle tunnel vision. The Fizzle Show is made by a bunch of creative entrepreneurs, for people who wish to become just that. Learn how to thrive as a business owner and maintain balance in your newfound gig as CEO.

Second Life | Hillary Kerr

As a bit of a full circle moment, we thought that including Second Life by MyDomaine, a podcast about successful women who made dramatic career changes, only made sense. This show will let you in on the lives of entrepreneurs who turned their side hustle into flourishing careers or decided to completely switch industries. We’re talking about women like the Kardashian’s hairstylist Jen Atkin who turned her hair product side hustle Ouai into a seriously profitable business. And she’s just one of the many examples of people who have made it big from their talent on the side and shared the goods on this podcast. 

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