Plug Into These 5 Podcasts That Will Help You Land Your Dream Job

By Danielle Read
21st Jan 2020

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If 2020 has you thinking new year, new job, then we’ve got good news for you. Instead of trawling through job sites (that will come later) first, get your inner boss inspired by listening to people who know exactly how to land the perfect gig. 

That’s right, we’re talking about podcasts, listen to them on your morning commute, at the gym or while you’re cooking dinner and we guarantee you’ll gain the right tools to help you dominate your career in 2020. 

Here’s our pick for top podcasts to help you land your dream job.

Career Cloud Radio

Peeking behind the curtain is always fun. Especially if you’re sneaky about it. That’s what listening to Career Cloud Radio kind of feels like. Packed with resume writers, recruiters and HR experts, you get the upper hand by knowing what types of qualities potential employers are looking for in a new member of their team. Pretty clever, right? Learn about hidden job markets, building a personal brand and tons of savvy stuff to start paving your way towards your dream job. The ‘How I Got My Job’ series also peels back another layer and explores real-world stories lived by regular Joe’s who landed jobs you could only dream about.


If you’ve got your eye on #livingyourbestlife and working the job of your dreams, chances are you’re a real thinker. Well, so are the people at They want to know the why’s and the how’s of business success. These guys mingle with experts in fields like designing, right through to product developers. With a great mix of interviews and straight-to-the-point information, this down-to-earth podcast is destined to lead you to your dream job in no time.

Land Your Dream Job Podcast

When it comes to your future, you’re not mucking around. You want to land your dream job, and you want to land it now! Lucky for you, we’ve found a podcast that’s bang on the money. It’s literally titled The Land Your Dream Job Podcast. Headed by business strategist, Kylie Butler, this insightful podcast leaves ears hungry for more every time. Chat-packed episodes are all about finding the career path that makes your heart sing while giving you the tools to actually get there. Host Kylie Butler shares genius tips for job seekers that not only make you look great in interviews but also teach you how to be discovered online and sought out for your dream job. Plus, a healthy dose of motivation never hurt anybody.

Being Boss

Sometimes landing your dream job as a creative can feel tricky, which is where Being Boss comes in. Powerhouse duo Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon mix fresh ideas with strategies and systems that actually work. And if keeping your mind on task is a tricky thing to do, these ladies make listening pretty fun, so there’s that. Luck, magic and alignment is what Being Boss is all about.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show covers a holistic approach to landing your dream job. Everything from mindset and time-management tricks to exercise routines and books. Yep, you never quite know which direction the show is going in, but it’s kind of part of the thrill. Will I learn what goes into building a business I love? Or will I learn how to tie my shoelaces at record speed? A huge plus for the show is the mixed-bag of guests Tim has on. We’re talking Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins and Vince Vaughn to name a few. 

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