A Japanese Company Has Just Released A New Line of Official Pokémon Dress Shirts

By Ellen Seah
5th Feb 2019


Clear some space in your wardrobe. These are the best dress shirts, like no shirt ever was.

Japanese menswear company, Original Stitch, has partnered up with the 1997 anime and game franchise to release an official line of Pokémon dress shirts. The customisable business shirts feature any of the original 151 Kanto region Pocket Monsters from Pikachu to Eevee; and Charizard to Magikarp.

If you’re a big enough boy to need shirts with a proper collar and cuff, chances are your printed pink Mew shirt might clash with your navy suit. Original Stitch has that covered too, with subtle customisable designs featuring your chosen Pokémon pattern on your collar, cuffs or shirt pocket.


For an even smarter look (although if your boss isn’t a Squirtle fan, we personally think you should resign), you can order dress shirts with subtle designs on the inside of the collar or cuff.

If you’ve got more than one favourite Kanto Pokémon, Original Stitch knows you gotta wear them all. Customers can assemble a full Pokémon team, with shirts featuring Slowbro hanging with Golem, or Jigglypuff and Vulpix released so far.

The shirts are priced at 10,000 yen ($125). While the website says they are not currently accepting overseas orders, we can only assume once wind catches that Aussie Pokémon fans are searching far and wide, they’ll be blasting off orders.

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Image credit: Pokémon Shirts

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