Crack A Smile, These Insta Accounts Are Guaranteed To Fill Your Feed With Joy

By Rick Stephens
7th Apr 2020

With the screentime we’re clocking of late, evolution will probably spit us out the other end as two giant thumbs slapping away at an iPhone. Taking that into consideration, it’s worth filling that feed of yours with some positive vibes.

Cut through the noise and induce a smile with the following accounts making Instagram a brighter place to be. 

The Happy Broadcast

@the_happy_broadcast promote “anxiety-free news” only. Think good news stories of togetherness and random acts of kindness; recent highlights include a North Indian-village knitting sweaters for elephants during an unexpectedly freezing winter, and a major Japanese newspaper that can be planted in soil to grow either wildflowers, herbs or veggies. 

Not burying their head in the sand, @the_happy_broadcast is covering select stories related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than focusing on the doom and gloom, however, the stories covered are those of hope, unity and the power of the human spirit. 


It would be negligent for any reputable news source to discard the COVID-19 situation completely, and just as The Happy Broadcast has done, @upworthy is focusing only the best of humanity, like China donating 25,000 medical masks to Italy—nice one.

If you’re looking for those videos of people belting out the classics with fellow neighbours from their balconies during isolation, this is the place for it. 


If you’ve been following @__s____o, you’d know the gaps in her handle are a mystery. Aussie ex-pat Cat Morrison, now based in London, curates a feed that’s bursting with intrigue and aesthetic. The captions are often left blank for you to interpret the imagery however you wish—because art is subjective right?

Take whatever meaning you will from the photography Morrison puts forward because, at the end of the day, everything posted is simply nice to look at.


Tackling everything from 90s nostalgia to current affairs, @struthless69 is post-irony at its finest. Curated and illustrated by Campbell Walker, expect to see innocent content series like “Joe Exotic drawn nine different ways” along with heavier-hitting commentary on current culture that’s laughable, honest and often bold.

For a right laugh, take a dig around the internet for his podcast with Betoota Advocate, titled Generation Betoota.

Planet Earth TV

An initial scroll through @planetearthtv and you’ll spot the origins of the memes and gifs we all know and love, like the bear blissfully scratching its back against the trunk of a very large tree, or the hermit crab conga line. A guaranteed welcome distraction to your day.

Animals Doing Things

@animalsdoingthings does exactly what the label says, and it’s a glorious escape from the current state of affairs even if it is just that 0.8 of a second as you’re scrolling through your feed. Go on, take a break from your day and watch a golden retriever pup viciously attack the wind—it might just be what you need right now. 


Yep, the worldwide authority in colour, Pantone, has an expectedly sublime Instagram. Experience the (literally) endless colour palette through a curated gallery of photography, illustration, animation, 3d renders, light graffiti and pretty much every other visual medium out there. Take a few minutes out of your day to see if you can spot the differences between hues Sea Blue, Cerulean Blue and Periwinkle.

Beautiful Destinations

We’re all going to be well in need of a holiday post-isolation, so Inject a little wanderlust into your life and hit follow on @beautifuldestinations. From the airy caves in Chiba, Japan, to Italy’s Dolomites, the account takes you across the globe via an Instagram feed curated by someone who’s very well travelled.

For the full experience, tune into these 12 soothing nature scapes while you scroll.

Image Credit: Unplash | Mike Baker

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