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PSA: You Need To Watch Netflix’s Manhunt Right Freaking Now

By Ange Law
9th Jan 2018


And you thought you’d finally do real things in real life this year (silly you). 

Strap in guys, because you’re about to lose your entire week (let’s be real, your entire night) to Netflix’s newest show because god damn it’s good. If you’re not American, then your knowledge of the Unabomber is probably limited to the Oklahoma City bomb in the early ‘90s. 

Well, prepare to be schooled team, because you’ll quickly learn the Unabomber is the guy who sent mail bombs throughout the 80s and 90s and was a damn enigma at the time. This one follows Netflix’s classic eight-part formula with a truly gripping (yeah, we’re that serious about it) storyline mixed with beautiful cinematography. 

Manhunt follows one man, Jim Fitzgerald (played by Sam Worthington), who’s an FBI profiler fresh from his boring graffiti beat. He basically walks into the Unabomb task force office (they’ve only been working on the case for a chill 15 years) and declares that he’ll be the one to solve the entire thing through a… profile. He uses forensic linguistics which was absolutely not a thing at the time, to figure out who this guy is. 

Honestly, say goodbye to your social life guys—this is far more important. 

If you haven't watched The Sinner yet, what are you even doing with your life?

Image credit: Netflix

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