Here’s How To Score An Extra 2 Weeks Off Work In 2020 Without Chewing Into Your Annual Leave

By Chloe Sputore
7th Jan 2020

annual leave 2020

Did your epic Euro trip last year see your annual leave dwindle to a record low? Never fear! As you wait for your quota to stack back up it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. And if you’re smart, you’ll listen to what we have to say. 

Here’s how to score 20 days off work this year and only use up seven days of your annual leave. (Note: you might want to consider moving to Melbourne if you don’t live there already because they get the most public holidays, the lucky devils.) 

While you can take an extra day or two around singular public holidays like the Queen’s Birthday and Labour Day, where you’ll get the real bang for your annual leave buck this year is at Easter and Christmas. 

First up, Easter. If you can part with four days of annual leave after Easter Monday you can score a whole 10 days off. How? Well, you already get Good Friday through to Easter Monday handed to you on an annual leave free platter, so all you have to do is book the following Tuesday to Friday off work and you’ll score a week and a half off the job. For those who are a fan of numbers, that’s 14 to 17 April. 

Kids out there in the west or in the nation’s capital could also opt to take a further five days of annual leave from 20 to 25 April to make it into an 18 day break, because they get a cheeky little ANZAC Day public holiday on Monday 27 April. 

From Easter there are a few public holidays here and there (plus two sport-centric public holidays in Victoria), so expect an annual leave drought until Christmas. In 2020 Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, which means the public holiday transfers to the Monday following. And then at the end of the week it’s New Year’s Day, so the wise of us will be quick to book in 29 to 31 December (totalling three days of annual leave) to bask in another glorious 10 day break. 

To make your life a little easier, see the breakdown below.


10 April—Good Friday Public Holiday
11 April—Easter Saturday
12 April—Easter Sunday
13 April—Easter Monday
14 April—Annual Leave Day
15 April—Annual Leave Day
16 April—Annual Leave Day
17 April—Annual Leave Day
18 April—Weekend Day
19 April—Weekend Day


25 December—Christmas Day
26 December—Boxing Day
27 December—Weekend Day
28 December—Boxing Day Public Holiday
29 December—Annual Leave Day
30 December—Annual Leave Day
31 December—Annual Leave Day
1 January—New Year’s Day
2 January—Weekend Day
3 January—Weekend Day

20 days off and another 13 days of annual leave in your pocket to do with whatever you desire sounds pretty good to us. Now go and hit your manager up for an annual leave form before your coworkers do.

Now you've got all that holiday time up your sleeve, here's all the epic places you need to check out this year. 

Image Credit: Stocksy

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