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Lock In Games Night With Australia’s Coolest Puzzle Delivery Service

By Rick Stephens
1st Apr 2020

There are more than likely two things trending in your Instagram feed right now. Isolation, and people working on their puzzles. In recent times, the humble brain-tester has had a resurgence with millennials, which is only growing as people find themselves with a surplus of time to kill.

And one company out of Melbourne, Journey of Something, is at the forefront of making puzzles popular again with imagery from local illustrators, depictions of household names like Yeezy and the Kardashians, and photography that’s worthy of your wall space.

Millennials’ newfound puzzle obsession has caused some panic-buying hysteria over at Journey of Something, with several of their products selling out. Fear not, though, as pre-order is available. For those who need their fix now, take your pick from several stunning images to piece together at your leisure, including an adults-only Ron Jeremy puzzle. Spicy.

Take a dig around Journey of Something and you’ll find plenty of other ways to kill more time. Keep the household entertained with a contemporary take on Guess Who (politicians or musicians in place of your usual Susan's, Bill's or Bernard's), or grab some fortune cookies that don’t suck to find out what your next few months in iso will hold.

Once you’ve completed your puzzle, take up another hobby here.

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