Rug Up, Qantas Day Flights Over Antarctica Are On Sale Now

By Rick Stephens
17th Aug 2020

The snow-covered cliffs of Antarctica's coastline.

Nope, you’re not taking off on that Eurotrip any time soon, but you could be flying over Antarctica before the year is out thanks to chartered Qantas Service, Antarctica Flights.

Your no stopover, round-trip to the only continent sans COVID can be booked for as early as November from Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. You’ll be in the air for around 12 to 14 hours, though you can expect to see the scattered ice and icebergs several hours in, before witnessing Antarctica in all its untouched glory as you cross over the South Magnetic Pole.

Flights start at $1199, a relatively modest price that’s packed with inclusions: on-board with you will be an Antarctic explorer sharing their experiences from down south, some flights will also cross live to research stations depending on time and day. 

Antarctica Flights is pulling out all the stops and chucking you on a Qantas’ 787 Dreamliner. More or less the crème de la crème of airborne people-movers, the Dreamliner’s windows are around 65% larger than any other in its class—perfect for gawking at the great white expanse and for locking in those happy snaps.

Given you’re taking off and pulling back up in Australia, the trip south is considered as a domestic flight which means it’s already got a green light to operate. Over-packers should leave their check-in at home along with passports, too.

For anyone wondering if there’ll be food and booze, the answer is yes and yes. Start sussing your flight now and be the first of your mates to say you’ve had a cold one in the coldest place on earth… well, sort of, anyway.

Look the part and order your Qantas business class pyjama set here.

Image credit: Matt Palmer

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