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The 8 Products You Need For Race Day

By Desta Cullen
12th Oct 2015

Swisse Skincare Race Day Survival Guide

Spring racing season is off to a galloping (pun-tastic) start which, of course, means flutters and mimosas all round, plus the fun of race day fashion and beauty.

Despite the flurry of activity on the track, when it comes to race day beauty and fashion survival, it’s all about endurance, my punting friends.

As any beauty buff will know, staying power is the holy grail; no one wants their ‘face’ or their freshness to be on the ground along with the discarded tickets and lost dignity that sometimes comes with a full day partying.    

Because feeling fresh as a daisy and looking on point all damn day is a challenge bigger than Phar Lap’s heart, we’ve pulled together this clever survival kit to keep you race day ready.    

#1 All About That Base

Start as you mean to finish… A good face oil can make all the difference for your face feeling supple and youthful no matter what the environment throws at it. Kick things off right with this neat little bottle from Swisse’s skincare range, or pop it in your bag for a moisture touch up throughout the day.

Swisse Argan Face Oil from Swisse

#2 The Lip Stayer

It’s spring, so bold and bright is the lip colour du jour. But smudgies and wandering pigment is not au fait for any fashionista. Luckily, long distance and big hours ain’t nothing for this powerhouse lip colour with serious staying prowess. From brekky bubbles to last drinks, you’re lips will be in winning form.

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid in Muse at Mecca Cosmetica

#3 At Face Value

The perfect under-foundation layer, we love the lightweight—but uber moisturising—formula of this face cream. Perfect for a day out in the elements, there won’t be any greasy pore problems for you.

Swisse Rose Hip Facial Moisturiser from Swisse

#4 Keeping Your Cool

It’s hot, your make-up is slipping and you’re wearing white. Nightmare. These blotting papers are the perfect antidote, inspired by the masters of refined beauty, the Japanese, you’ll go blotting mad about these little beauties.

Tatcha Aburatorigami Blotting Papers at Mecca Cosmetica

#5 Smudge-Off

Hell no, panda eyes. This is not your territory. We are going to party all day long without fear of our mascara running, because we are ladies and ladies stay classy at all times. (This also extends to keeping your shoes on, but we don’t need to tell you that’s a faux pas, do we?)

Yves Saint Laurent Waterproof Volume Effect Mascara at Adore Beauty 

#6 By A Nose’s Length

Perfume is so passé… All the cool kids are rocking hair fragrance so give your usual spritz as much oomph as possible. A couple of light mists is the best finishing touch to your race day ‘do. Of course, Byredo nails it as usual.

Byredo Hair Perfume in Blanche from Mecca Cosmetica

#7 Power Up

Clearly not a beauty product but how will you communicate with your squad, or take the all-important selfie, if your phone runs out of juice. No way, not on our watch. This nifty little pursable is made for the tech-savvy peep who doesn’t have time for any downtime.

Mobile Phone Charger from

#8 Remove It, Or Lose It

Um, refer to #5. Waterproof mascara has a place, but bedtime is not it. You’ve survived the day looking glam but don’t be a fool and just fall into bed with your face still in place. Wipe that daily grime off with a remover made for doing its thing on any complexion. It’s natural, gentle, rinse-free and non-irritating for sensitive skin, so clearly, we are in love.  

Swisse Micellar Make Up Remover from Swisse

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