Hit The Waves With This Sustainable Surf Wax Made From Recycled Coffee

By Morgan Reardon
8th Dec 2020

two young woman laugh as they walk along the beach holding a surfboard

Summer is well and truly upon us, which means just about every second of spare time is being spent at the beach. While we’ve made a bunch of sustainable switches to our beach arsenal this year—like opting for eco-friendly swimwear brands, organic sunscreens and using reusable water bottles—there’s another product you need to get around, and it’s seriously impressive.

Say g’day to recycled surf wax. 

The brainchild of two Aussie companies, coffee roasters Seven Miles, and Queensland-based organic surf wax company, Good Surf Wax, this invention is the first of its kind in Australia. 

So how does it work? They’re using discarded coffee grounds and mixing it with petrochemical-free, locally sourced beeswax to create a dreamy-scented surf wax that is 100% natural and plastic-free.

With over six million tonnes of coffee grounds sent to landfill last year, and over eight million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans, this partnership demonstrates how used grounds can be up-cycled in a uniquely Aussie way. We dig that!

This innovative new wax not only cuts waste but repurposes it into a product many Australians use daily, ensuring that consumers both enjoying the waves or sipping lattes on the shore, can rest easy knowing they’ve reduced their environmental footprint.

Adam Harriden, Founder of Good Surf Wax says, “Much like coffee drinkers, surfers are becoming acutely aware of how their choices affect the environment. Our mission to implement sustainable change lives beyond surfers to anyone who lives and breaths our ethos.”

The 7M Surf Wax will set you back $10 and is available as a limited-edition product at the Seven Miles Online store. Shop it here

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Image Credit: Firma Studio/Stocksy 

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