Ringing In The New Year | The Jewellery Brands To Jump On Now

By Chloe Sputore
28th Dec 2015

Ringing In The New Year, The Jewellery Brands To Jump On Now, Australian Jewellery Designers,

Image Credit: Holly Ryan

It’s the dream of every young girl to one day graduate from candy necklaces to the rare-metal variety. 

The last few years has seen some stellar jewellery brands come into fruition and the designs they’re churning out have left us lusting for more. These necklaces may not be as tasty as the ones you’ll find in a show bag, but they’re infinitely more tasteful.

Here are 6 of our fave jewellery brands to jump on now.


We have so many items on our wish list from Sydney based jewellery brand, Claire Aristides Fine Jewels. Claire makes all of the pretty things—diamond bands perfect for stacking, delicate bracelets and elegant, yet understated necklaces. Some items are a little on the pricey end, but the quality is top notch and everything is made to last.


Big props to Aussie jewellery designer, Holly Ryan, for making the signet ring cool AND more badass than Frank Underwood. Craftsmanship and quality materials are the name of the game for Ryan who learned the art of silver smithing from her parents. Her designs are minimalist, polished and carefully thought out. Definitely one to watch in 2016.


We’ve had our eye on Sydney jewellery designer Ryan Storer’s Swarovski crystal ear cuffs for a while, but we love everything in his collection. Modern and edgy, Storer’s designs toe the line between elegant and cool. A fave with the celebs, Storer’s large gold ear bar has been spotted on Aussie golden girl Cate Blanchett.


For those ladies who prefer tasteful, delicate jewellery—as opposed to jewels dripping with rubies, diamonds and pearls like Queen Liz’s—check out Sarah & Sebastian. These guys are killing it in the realm of minimalism. Their latest collection—Nimbus—is inspired by celestial motifs and features delicate chains and fine metals in gold and silver. Think star bursts, half moons, crescents and ecliptic shapes. Every piece is handmade at Sarah & Sebastian HQ in Sydney using responsible resources. Nice work guys!


Simple, modern and beautiful the jewels by Aussie designer By Charlotte have been featured on many it-girls (Lara Bingle, Jess Mauboy, Jessica Hart) since the brand rose to fame in 2013. The latest collection, Empress, features nine carat gold, beautiful jewels and elegant designs. We’ve got our eye on the Imperial Ear Jacket! By Charlotte offers free shipping for all Aussie orders over $200. Bonus!


Using gold, silver and silk cord, Sydney jewellery brand, Petite Grand, sell delicate jewellery designed to be worn on it’s own for a delicate, understated look or layered to make more of a statement. We’ve got our eye on the gold double bar bead bracelet and the loop and drop earrings…but we’d happily don anything from the Petite Grand collection!

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