Road To Runway | Coreprêt Are Here To Solve Your First World Fashion Problems

By Sammy Preston
30th Aug 2018

Corepret | The Urban List
Corepret | The Urban List
Corepret | The Urban List
Corepret | The Urban List
Corepret | The Urban List
Corepret | The Urban List

No one knows the struggle of dressing for work Monday to Friday quite like Coreprêt. The Melbourne-based fashion label was created to erase those extra morning minutes spent in front of the mirror swapping t-shirts, to simplify style stress and make city life about the good stuff (while looking effortless and damn cool, duh).

The label launched just last year and has become a bit of a standout for their work uniform philosophy. On the Coreprêt website, you’ll find women’s and men’s collections divided by day—Monday through Friday—with just three to four stylish staples assigned to each. Boom! The terrifying paradox of choice, fashun faux pas and missed midweek sleep-ins are a thing of the past.

Ahead of Melbourne Fashion Week, we decided to drop into Coreprêt’s Collingwood studio to see what founders and designer buddies, Nessie Croft and Gabrielle Leavesley, will be sending down the runway this weekend.

So, what’s the story behind Coreprêt?

The conception of Coreprêt was very natural. It was born from friendship and the desire to continue creating, post-graduation, but also finding a platform that could merge our individual fashion practices.

As we have only been operating for just over a year, and still very much learning, most weeks we experience some form of crazy! The whole experience so far has been quite the roller coaster ride. From changing in dank airport bathrooms before high profile presentations to seeing our garments on some of our favourite Australian artists.

Can you both describe your personal style?

Inner turmoil.

I feel you—style can be stressful. Is that the idea behind your Monday-Friday philosophy?

The Monday through Friday approach is a subtle nod to the personal uniform, a practice providing a resting point amongst the ever-increasing pace of the external world.

The personal uniform also runs parallel to our belief that good design should never become irrelevant and allows our customers to outfit repeat in an engaging and entertaining way. Hopefully to foster a more considered relationship with their work wardrobe. 

So it’s ok to wear the same thing twice!

We think it’s important to take the time to understand what works for you as an individual and to invest in quality, timeless pieces that don't compromise your personal aesthetic.

That makes sense, because I know creating things that last and using sustainable practices is your jam. How does sustainability fit in at Coreprêt?

As we're foremost a product-based entity, we want to provide customers with a means of supporting sustainable business, and in its simplest form, that means buying into our brand. With this in mind, we design for longevity: ensuring quality, versatile pieces that foster an emotional attachment.

Our fabrics are sourced from designer dead-stock, organic ethical virgin fabrics and upcycled textiles. They're produced in-house, and we also offer a repair and return service, hoping to end the short lifespan of garments, but also as designers taking responsibility for what we are putting out into the world, working towards a more circular business model. 

Your collections are typically inspired by stereotypes in the corporate world, as well as the world around you. Where else do you go for inspo?

We’re always toeing the line between our fictional world and reality. We draw our inspiration from the [world around us], but with a typically Australian viewpoint taken from our own experiences and iconic Australian films. 

We're also interested in providing commentary on the political, social and economic activities that are happening in a way that's approachable and digestible for individuals. 

Who do you follow on Instagram?

Vivienne Westwood and Brown Cardigan give us life. 

OK, so what can we expect from you at MFW this weekend?

Expect an assault on your visual senses. 

We're releasing our premier Saturday look for men and women, with a few new additions scattered throughout the overall collection.

Where will we find you fuelling up on coffee and partying after fashion week?

Everyday Coffee for caffeine and Lazerpig for pizza and drinks.

Image credit: Griffin Simm

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