Get These Super-Cute Seed Packs Delivered And Grow Your Own Food At Home

By Claire Plush
17th Apr 2020

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Now that you’re getting a handle on this whole ‘life in isolation’ thing, and have binge-watched everything possible on Netflix, it’s time to get your hands dirty. 

If you’re anything like us, your kitchen is getting a solid workout right now. ‘Life in isolation’ has quickly translated into ‘life by the stove, life by the fridge, life perched on the kitchen bench with a wine in hand’. See? It’s where we’re gravitating. 

The other place we’re being pulled to, is any patch of sun available, whether it’s a sprawling lawn, paved courtyard, cosy deck or window sill. 

So, it makes sense to bring the two together, which is why growing your own food and herbs at home in that glorious sunshine, and then cooking it up in your kitchen, seems like the most genius move to make right now. 

Enter our latest find, Salisbury Grange. Making it super easy to start your own food garden at home, Salisbury Grange is delivering hand-picked seeds straight to doorsteps, all across Australia, so you can get planting stat.  

You can grab individual seed packs—think: lettuce, coriander, fennel and basil—or, jump into your growing journey full force, with the awesome Kitchen Garden Seed Pack ($20). Plant these seeds now with the help of some must-have gardening tools, and you’ll be plucking fresh produce from your garden in a quick eight weeks, by which time hopefully you’ll also be able to throw big dinner parties packed with the homegrown goods. 

And let’s be honest, no-one likes an ugly garden, so pretty yours up with these cute pun plant markers, so you never get confused between your flat leaf parsley and your coriander again. 

Currently offering free delivery during coronavirus, check out Salisbury Grange here.

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Image credit: Salisbury Grange

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