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Shameless Food Combos That Actually Taste Delicious

By Clare Acheson
1st Jun 2016

weird food pairings

At The Urban List, we are the ultimate fans of ‘so-wrong-it’s-right’ food culture—freaky food combos are what we live for! And surely, even the most refined of the fooderati loves spoiling themselves with a spot of culinary bastardisation that involves an inhumane amount of at least one spreadable condiment?

We’ve asked our foodie mates to tip-off their fave weird food combos that they’d 100% back to the death. And remember, there’s no right and no wrong, only pure shameless flavour indulgence.

  1. Boiled Eggs With Vegemite: Do you hard boil the egg? Is the egg still warm? Do you mix the Vegemite into the yoke? The mind boggles.
  2. Sliced Avo With Vegemite… Or smashed together if you’re a real food pervert.
  3. Salt & Vinegar Chips With Vegemite: The perfect dipping combo.
  4. Salt & Vinegar Chips With Vegemite In A Sandwich: Extra carbs = Always winning.
  5. Bread, Vegemite & Saladas With Honey: Like a bruschetta that’s absolutely nothing like a bruschetta.
  6. …Basically Anything With Vegemite: Yeah, you’d put it on your Cornflakes if we let you, wouldn’t ya? Mmmmm, yeasty.
  7. Sliced Apple With Peanut Butter: Um, like a ‘healthy’ snack?
  8. Nutella With Peanut Butter: Quote unquote, “I sometimes get two teaspoons—one for peanut butter and one for Nutella—and go one for one.”
  9. Salt & Vinegar Chips With Peanut Butter… #fatfridays
  10. A Burger With Peanut Butter: Are bacon, pickles, mayo, mac’n’cheese, fried chicken, beetroot and cheese not enough?!
  11. Spicy Salami & Peanut Butter In A Sandwich: Like hot nuts in sandwich form.
  12. Basically Anything With Peanut Butter: One condiment to rule them all.
  13. Dill Pickles With Kewpie Mayo: I guess one man’s Kewpie-dipped pickle is another man’s Vegemite egg.
  14. Strawberries Wrapped In Dates: Put this in an avocado and you’ve got a bona fide fruit turducken.
  15. Mars Bar & Apple Sandwiches: Now *that’s* a balanced diet.
  16. Salt & Vinegar Chips Dipped In Tzatziki: Yoghurt and salt, ick.
  17. M&Ms With Salted Chips: The bogan’s equivalent to Lindt sea salt dark chocolate?
  18. White Toast, Nutella & Sea Salt: The #carbloading bogan’s equivalent to Lindt sea salt dark chocolate.
  19. A Macca’s Cheeseburger dipped in sweet and sour sauce: ‘I love eating fusion,’ she said.
  20. Macca’s Chips Dipped In Chocolate Thickshake: Just don’t let them get soggy.
  21. Vanilla Ice Cream With BBQ Sauce: And you thought it was chocolate syrup…
  22. Sourdough dipped in Sriracha and Hoisin Sauce: Sweet, spice and sourdough. Perfection.
  23. Sweet hotcakes with Sriracha: Feel like a fiery brekkie, anyone?
  24. Jalapeños & Mayo: Just spoonfuls of both. Is your stomach cramping yet?
  25. Carbonara With Black Pepper & Maple Syrup: Hold the parmesan, but pass the syrup.
  26. Tuna & Mayo With Glazed Doughnuts: In the hole? On top of the glaze? Seriously, HOW did they discover this one?!
  27. Oreos Wrapped In Cheese Slices: All of the fake food products in one tasty mouthful.

Image credit: The Urban List

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