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Slap Dash | Busy Girl’s Essential Beauty Buys

By Sophia McMeekin
5th Aug 2014

Looking good is easy. When you've made time for a blow dry, had your eyebrows waxed, and put aside an hour in the morning to make sure your eyeliner's symmetrical, that is. 

While we're holding out for a time when we can spend our mornings sitting on a pouffe, leisurely powdering our noses, right now, we've got more important sh*t to do. The reality is, our morning beauty routine often involves a quick swipe of mascara and pretending our bed hair is on purpose.

What you (we) need are some beauty gadgets that make the transition from bed to big bad world that much faster, and can transform you into a cocktail-toting bar babe when happy hour rolls around—ability to fit in a clutch and be applied with one hand in a moving car are non negotiables. 

These are the essential tools of the busy girl's beauty arsenal. Plus, we are nuts about anything that leaves more time for breakfast.

Beach Tint | Becca

You've never truly experienced the convenience of a tint until you've tried Becca's iconic beach tint. Smoosh it onto apples with a finger, swipe onto lips, and be rewarded with the look of someone who's been sucking on a popsicle in the sunshine. Bonus, this busy girl's beauty stalwart is water proof, and smooch proof. Hey-oh!

$42 at Becca

Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream | Kiehl's

Small, but powerful. This little beauty from Kiehl's is only 30mls, but it packs a pretty punch. Not only does it boast an impressive SPF 50+, it's also a tinted balm that soothes your derma while correcting imperfections. Wonder cream? We think so.

$38 at Kiehl's

In Transit Spray-On Moisture | This Works 

Totally portable, this airport-friendly bottle of light-weight moisturiser is the answer to Afternoon Tired Face. Spritz on your money maker to look instantly awake and dewy, or pump on legs and arms before you hit the bar. 

$42 at Mecca Cosmetica

Ink Liner | Bobbi Brown

This liner is so easy to use a kid could do it. Or, you, after happy hour. Essentially a felt pen for your eyeballs, one swipe (or thirty tentative dashes, depending on your confidence levels) later, and a can't-mess-it-up cat's eye is all yours.

$35 at Bobbi Brown

Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain | Stila

This wonder pen uses the extract of real live cherries to stain your lips and cheeks, leaving you with a flush that's sheer and healthy. The natural formula reacts to your skin's own PH levels, creating a totally personal plum shade that's easy to build.

$39.00 at Stila Cosmetics

Touche Veloutee Enlightening Concealer Brush | By Terry

Not just a concealer; it's a face-lift in a stick. This miracle product has a super-soft brush for swiping away under-eye imperfections, and can be used to highlight brow bones, contour noses, and hide blemishes. A few swipes and you'll be glowing like a well-rested goddess.

$79 at Mecca Cosmetica

Image credits: Imax Tree

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