Get Your Best Night’s Sleep Ever With These Sleep Awareness Week Tips

By Ranyhyn Laine
3rd Aug 2020

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We all know how important a good night’s sleep is—mainly because of how much better we feel after a solid eight hours of shut eye. But what you might not know is that sleep is just as important as having a good diet and getting regular exercise when it comes to overall physical and mental well-being, which is what The Sleep Health Foundation’s Sleep Awareness Week focuses on. 

Running from August 3–9 this year, Sleep Awareness Week draws attention to the effects of sleep—or a lack of—on mood, mental states, memory and brain function. To help you get your best night’s sleep ever, and stop dozing off after lunch every day (someone is going to notice that eventually), we’ve rounded up a few tips from Ecosa, whose mattresses, bedding and pillows are a secret weapon in the bedroom (for sleeping, mind).

Keep It Cool 

You know how you toss and turn on a hot summer’s night? Well that’s because a cool bedroom environment is the most conducive to sleep, so feeling hot and stifled keeps us from dreamland. But between the hot breezes in the summer and all those layers of blankets in winter it’s almost impossible to keep your bed at the sweet spot of between 15–19 degrees—unless you have one of Ecosa’s mattresses with built-in air circulation. Pincore holes in the mattress allow air to flow through all the layers of foam, meaning you can say goodnight to waking up in a sweat.

Find The Right Support 

There’s no one mattress that’s perfect for everyone, but finding that sweet spot of soft yet firm and supportive is like finding your perfect workout playlist. But you can scratch going and laying down on a bunch of mattresses in a warehouse, because Ecosa’s memory foam mattress is fully adjustable, with three different firmness levels that you can change whenever preferences do. On top of that, it absorbs motion (for anyone with a wriggly bed partner), it’s hypoallergenic and it comes with a 100 night trial and a 15 year warranty. All that AND they do same day metro delivery? Excuse us while we place an order...

Lay Your Head Down Right 

There’s no point in having the perfect mattress if you're putting your head down on a cheap, unsupportive pillow. Stop trying to plump up that sack of fluff or worse, sleeping with your arm under your head, and switch your old pillow out for a luxurious ergonomic memory foam pillow that supports the natural shape of your head instead. Ecosa’s pillow even comes with adjustable height pads so you can lay your head down right where it needs to be for a dreamless sleep.

Get Silky Smooth 

Your bed should be the ultimate sleep sanctuary—and frankly, those scratchy sheets you’ve had since you left home just aren’t cutting it. Ditch the thread count entirely and opt for a set of Ecosa’s bamboo sheets, which are silky smooth, weighty (more on that in a moment) but breathable and moisture-wicking. Bonus, they’re also eco-friendly, which means one less worry on your mind while you’re trying to sleep. All that’s left to do is choose a colour

Weigh It Down 

Now if you’ve got the perfect mattress, your head is at the ideal angle and you’ve dropped some cash on luxurious bedding but you still find yourself tossing and turning, a weighted blanket might be the answer. Basically a giant hug for your whole body, Ecosa’s weighted blankets apply gentle pressure to the body, promoting feelings of calm and helping you drift off easier. Want to give it a try? Ecosa’s blankets come in different weights, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. 

Need some more tips for getting a good night’s sleep? We’ve got you covered here

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