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We’ve Found Your Fave New Crime Podcast And It’s Voiced By Lisa Simpson

By Morgan Reardon
12th Sep 2019

the simpsons

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of right now, it’s true crime podcasts, so we’re always a little giddy when we uncover one particularly chilling. And it doesn’t get much creepier than having the voice behind one of your favourite cartoons talk you through heinous true crimes in graphic details. 

Enter Small Town Dicks, the brainchild of Yeardley Smith—who has voiced the character of Lisa Simpson (of The Simpsons obvs) for the last three decades. Smith decided to explore her fascination of big crimes in small towns, launching her very own podcast back in 2017. In it, Smith teams up with anonymous twin detectives Dan and Dave to delve into the most deplorable crimes happening across America. 

Each week Small Town Dicks brings listeners through a complex and disturbing new crime, explained firsthand by the detectives who investigated the case along with primary resources such as 9-1-1 calls, suspect interrogation recordings and more. If you ever dreamt of being a detective, this is your chance to experience what it’s like first hand. 

Previous episodes include everything from historic cold cases to shocking miscarriages of justice—it’s not one for the faint hearted.

With the fifth season set to premiere tomorrow, you’ve got a bunch of bone-chilling eps to binge your way through. Warning: you might want to listen to these during the day…

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