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Buy, Swap, And Sell Your Backyard Veggies With This New App

By Rick Stephens
7th Apr 2020

No matter how ripe that tomato plant of yours is looking, the jealousy induced by a neighbour’s veggie patch is real. Fortunately for you, a Monash uni student has just launched an app called Sprout which lets you buy, swap and sell produce.

Originally developed to help backyard growers trade their produce, Sprout’s timely launch provides a practical resource during the COVID-19 pandemic by helping many avoid crowds and public spaces when shopping. 

Sprout is completely non-for-profit, and aims to promote sustainability within communities through minimising food wastage and advocating for plant-based produce that has low environmental impact. The app also offers communities the opportunity to connect and grow together, further lessening the effects of high-volume food production.

Currently, Sprout is only available for iOS users across suburban and regional Australia. The Android iteration is apparently in the works with a GoFundMe campaign launched to assist with production costs.

Grow your veggie patch today, start trading tomorrow. 

Put your produce to use with this recipe for the perfect zucchini slice.

Image credit: Unsplash |Peter Wendt

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