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5 Steps To Get Your Deck Ready For The Festive Season

By Bridget O'Donohue
11th Dec 2023

Everyone knows that an essential part of Aussie skincare is going heavy on the sunscreen—and we should be doing the same for our backyards. Timber decks take an absolute beating from harsh Aussie summer rays, speeding up the ageing process and leading to the timber equivalent of wrinkles. Luckily, there's SPF for your deck—like Cabot’s Aquadeck—which nourishes your timber and prevents UV damage. Just follow these easy steps for a clean, smooth and protected deck—fresh and ready for party season.  

#1 Get The Right Gear 

Before you hit the deck, check you’ve got everything you need to smash it out in one go. Skip the trips back and forth to the hardware store by having these products handy: 

#2 Prep The Deck

Prepping the surface of your deck for oiling is an essential step—giving the entire surface a proper scrub with your deck prep brush rejuvenates the timber, leaving it ready to soak up your oil. Just grab your deck cleaner and follow the easy instructions on the label. 

#3 Oil The Deck

Pop open your can of Aquadeck oil and give it a mix with a flat blade stirrer, repeating occasionally during application. Apply liberally along the length of your timber boards, oiling three at a time with your deck coat applicator. Always follow the grain and finish the length in one go—stopping for a breather halfway will give you a patchy finish. Then, grab your paintbrush to nail those exposed corners and edges of each board. 

#4 Let It Dry

Once the deck's fully coated with the Aquadeck oil, leave it to dry for an hour before layering it up with a second coat. If your deck sits in full sunlight or next to a pool, give it a third coat for an extra layer of protection. 

#5 Kick Back With A Cold One  

Follow the instructions on your decking oil to check your timber's fully dry and ready for furniture to be moved back—then go nuts with the decorating. Once the vibe's nailed, just pull up a deck chair, admire your handiwork, and soak up that sunshine. 

If you’re keen to give your outdoor spaces a facelift in time for summer hosting, Cabot’s is here to help. With tips, tricks and plenty of woodcare products, they have everything you need to nail your deck's professional finish. 

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Image Credit: Jonathan Borba, Unsplash

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