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Stop Everything! There’s A Plan To Ban The Goon Sack

By Simone Jovel
19th Dec 2017


As if 2017 hasn’t been hard enough, 2018 could be even worse. For all those days when all that got you through was knowing you had the option to pull out a nozzle and suck—listen up.

Apparently, due to our classy ways, Australians are consuming less goon than ever before (and we call ourselves Aussie?!), with consumption of our beloved bags of wine decreasing by a shocking 5% each year.

Personally, we can’t quite deal, and also, has anyone thought of the children? What even are your teenage years without a sack of Fruity Lexia that you stole from your parents’ pantry? Exactly. Boring AF, that’s what.

So this holiday season, do your country and yourself a favour—fire up the hills hoist and let’s save our beloved goon sack. 

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Design credit: Sarah Law

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