Succulent Christmas Wreaths Are Now A Glorious Reality

By Ange Law
3rd Nov 2017


All you wannabe plant parents listen up! One of our all-time favourite delivery services, Little Succers, is jazzing up the Christmas wreath this year and (you guessed it) it involves succulents.

Before you go picturing a teeny little desk-appropriate wreath, we need you to know that they ain't that small. These beauties measure roughly 30cm in diameter and they’re just waiting to be hung on your door or to be used as a silly season centrepiece. Gift yourself, or gift your mate this Christmas, with something other than flowers (they die) or chocolates (they melt) and surprise them with some low maintenance love. 

We’ve been assured that since each wreath is made to order, it’ll last right through Christmas (for three months, to be exact) so you can get ordering now. Order here

Want to know more about Little Succers? Head here

Image credit: Little Succers

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