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Summer Beauty Trend Alert: The Freckle Pencil

By Rachel Stevenson
12th Dec 2015

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Yep, you read that right. This summer, the beauty world will be taken by storm by none other than the freckle pencil! 

So, what is a freckle pencil, you ask? Good question, and one that we didn’t know the answer to ourselves until one landed on our desks earlier this week! A freckle pencil (listen carefully now guys), is a makeup pencil (much like an eyeliner, but of course, totally different), that you can use to draw on your very own freckles. Obviously. Clearly, you need a freckle pen to give the illusion of freckles, enhancing your sun-kissed, beach babe look. And, er, ‘cos freckles look cute?!

Now that that’s cleared up, why might you need one? And how exactly does one go about drawing on their own freckles? (We had visions of this going very wrong at The Urban List HQ!)

How to use the freckle pencil

Depending on how freckle-heavy you want to go, start by dotting the pencil across the bridge of your nose and across onto your cheeks, going no further than the round parts of your cheeks (the bits that appear when you smile).

Make sure the tip of the pencil is blunt so as not to create tiny, perfect circles but rather larger, imperfect ones! The beauty with freckles, you see, is that they are not all perfectly round dots, symmetrical on your face; so don’t be nervous about not getting them perfect—it’s meant to be like that! 

Once you have your desired amount of freckles, make sure to lightly press with your finger to blot and then fix in place with some translucent pressed powder and voila; freckles made easy!

Remember: Don’t forget about your freckles and rub your face. A smudgy nose is not a good look on anyone!

The verdict?

The perfect look for when you’re heading to the beach, or for a low-key lunch date; faux freckles enable you to road-test a cute beauty look while not having to wear much else other makeup—now that’s our kind of trend!

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Image credit: Topshop

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