Up Your Sustainable Fashion And Grooming Game With These 15 Easy Hacks

By Jessica Best
16th Nov 2020

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Spoiler alert—making sustainable switches in your every day life is actually an easy feat. From your skincare to the clothes you wear, it doesn’t take much to take the sustainable high ground and we guarantee you’ll feel a lot better about yourself when you do.

Check out these 15 sustainable fashion and grooming hacks.

#1 Swap Regular Deodorant For A Refillable One

Imagine a world where the deodorant we use is good for us and the planet. Well, that world already exists thanks to Asúvi. They’ve created a natural refillable deodorant which actually works. Choose your scent and set up a subscription for refills (which come in biodegradable packaging) to keep your pits smelling sweet and nasty plastic out of landfill year-round. 

#2 Swap Regular Mouthwash For Mouthwash Tabs

The kids from Georganics have got it figured out. Their mouthwash tabs are an eco-friendly, safe alternative to traditional toothpaste and they're formulated with natural foaming ingredients like cream of tartar.

#3 Repair Your Goods

How about when the zip to your favourite jacket breaks or a hole starts to form in your favourite jeans—you don’t throw these goods out? Instead, it’s worth fumbling in a bit of the old-school DIY to see if you can fix what you already have. Clothes don’t have to be that disposable.

#4 Swap Bottled Shampoo For Shampoo Bars

Lush has got the goods when it comes to zero waste bathroom products. From their naked moisturiser bars and toothy tabs to their lusted after bath bombs and huge range of soaps, this is the place to come to make your routine more sustainable. Their shampoo bars deserve a special mention, though. They’re super easy to use—just wet your hair, rub the bar over your roots, lather up and rinse—and they’ve got plenty of different varieties to choose from. Plus, they’re especially good for travelling because they’re incredibly lightweight and last for ages. 

#5 Make The Switch To Bamboo

No doubt you’ve heard a thing or two about “bamboo underwear”, especially relating to how it’s the more eco-friendly choice when it comes to well, choosing your drawers. Bamboo undies get a good wrap for a multitude of reasons. On the hygiene and health side of things, bamboo undies are antibacterial, moisture-wicking and have the ability to resist odours (big yay).
On the sustainable side, growing bamboo itself doesn’t require the big amounts of water and any pesticides, as cotton does. In fact, bamboo only uses about a third of the amount of water that cotton needs to grow successfully (which in turn, gives it that aforementioned ability to hold moisture a lot better).

#6 Swap Plastic Shavers For A Safety Razor

There are some sustainability switches which require a little extra effort on your part, but this isn’t one of them. Switching to a safety razor will actually save you money, be nicer on your skin and look cooler in your bathroom cabinet. There are plenty on the market ranging from $30 to $80, but the refills will only set you back around $3 for five blades and you’ll never have to replace the razor itself. Our fave? Bare & Co.'s reusable double-edge safety razor is stainless steel glory.

#7 Swap Tampons And Pads For Period Underwear And Menstrual Cups

Your period game is about to get a whole lot more comfortable. First up, period underwear. There’s no need to wear uncomfortable pads anymore because companies like Thinx and Modibodi have changed the game. Their period panties come in a bunch of different absorbencies and, unless your flow is particularly heavy, you won’t even need a tampon. And on the subject of tampons, you can say goodbye to those too thanks to menstrual cups like these. It might take you a few cycles to get used to using one, but the perks far outweigh the inconvenience of learning something new. What are the perks? You can wear them for ages without worrying about toxic shock syndrome, you’ll save money because one cup lasts 10 years and they’re more comfortable (especially if you’ve got a pair of period underwear on as well).

#8 Cottonised Hemp

Good news people—hemp actually uses a whole lot fewer pesticides and nasty fertilisers! The result? Cleaner and much healthier soil. As a crop, hemp actually uses around 50 per cent less water to grow and when it’s formed into an actual textile to make clothing—it’s still biodegradable.

#9 Swap Your Toilet Paper For One That’s Recycled And Gives Back

Who Gives A Crap is not only the coolest TP out, it’s also recycled, cost-effective and gives back to the community. You get free shipping on most orders and they donate 50% of their profits to building toilets for communities in need. All that’s left to do is feel proud every time you wipe your behind.

#10 Swap Supermarket Shopping For Bulk Buying

Loads of bulk buy shops are popping up all over the country and a lot of them stock amazing beauty and body products. From bulk moisturisers, shampoos and conditioners to individual ingredients like bentonite clay, essential oils and cocoa butter that’ll enable you to get your DIY on, there’s a brave new world to explore. You’ll be inspired to whip up your own scrubs, face masks and body butters before you know it. And don’t skip the cleaning aisle, that bathroom won’t scrub itself.

#11 Swap Plastic Toothbrushes For Bamboo Ones

This is probably the easiest switch you could make. Bamboo toothbrushes (like this one from Bamkiki) help you to clean your teeth in exactly the same way plastic ones do. Made from a variety of bamboo that grows over one metre a day, these toothbrushes feature soft nylon bristles making the entire thing biodegradable. Head here for the best bamboo brushes.

#12 Swap Plastic Cotton Tips For Sustainable Ones

Regular cotton tips are messing up our oceans, but the good news is there’s another simple switcheroo you can make thanks to these bamboo cotton tips. They're made with bamboo and cotton for the tips and they're also biodegradable so won't end up in landfill! And yep, their packaging is made out of recycled paper too.

#13 Upcycling

Upcycling is the process of transforming discarded material and leftover products that would usually end up as waste into new clothing or materials. Another option? Buying second hand or vintage is a more environmentally friendly option (like going for sustainably-made sneakers)  that also helps keep garments out of landfills. By keeping your clothes in circulation longer, it saves resources that can impact the planet. In short, people should wear things as long as possible, and care for them in a way that reduces their energy footprint; wash cold, line dry and donate or re-sell when no longer needed.

#14 Rent Your Outfits

Sometimes big events call for “big” outfits and it can be super tempting to head on out and purchase a whole new look. Instead of this, try renting your next tuxedo or dress. It means your bank account will love you more and you’ll be taking the environmentally-conscious high ground the next time you hit the dancefloor at a wedding.

#15 Swap The Bathroom Bin For A Recycling Bin

Convenience is everything, so placing a recycling bin in your bathroom might just make you go that extra effort in rinsing out your shampoo bottle and pop it in the bin. But what about those hard to recycle items like pumps and aerosols? TerraCycle is dedicated to recycling those “non-recyclable” items. All you have to do is find who near you is recycling select items, collect them up and drop them off in one hit (making sure they’re all clean of course).

And here's a bunch of simple food swaps you can make to reduce your food footprint.

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