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Fire Up The Group Chat, This Dinner Party Club Was Made For Lockdown

By Anna Franklyn
30th Mar 2020

Bowl of pasta, a dish from Taste and Table's dinner party club

We’ll level with you. Table and Taste—a dinner party club that runs throughout Australia—wasn’t actually made for COVID-19. It was launched well before we even knew what Coronavirus was, but it’s the perfect solution to all your lockdown worries.

The way it works is pretty simple. You sign up and each month for a year, you’ll get dinner party-worthy menus and recipes sent to your inbox. Pre-Coronavirus, you might have invited all your friends over to impress them with your culinary know-how, but these days, each membership will allow up to 12 people to access the menus, recipe cards and wine deals. Whether you can manage 12 people on a Zoom call is another matter entirely, but you’re welcome to try.

If any of the recipes scare you, never fear, there’s a private Facebook group which you’ll have access to where you can see all the cooking videos, step by step.

Each menu comes with super simple instructions as well as a timeline so you can make some components of the dish ahead and keep the night simple and relaxing—we don’t need any extra stress in our lives these days now, do we?

You’ll also get a wine email each month with matched wines and some killer deals so you can order direct from the cellar doors of local wineries around Australia.

2020 memberships are still open so go on and sign up, then figure out who you’re inviting to your virtual dinner party.

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Image credit: Eaters Club

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