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Get Yourself To This Dreamy Immersive Art Exhibition That Detects Human Movement

By Maddi Cross
9th Apr 2019

Teamlab China

We’ve found an art experience that is unlike any other and it gives you the perfect excuse to book flights to China.

teamLab gave us Borderless in Tokyo and The Universe Of Water Particles in Shanghai, and now they’ve decided to bless the world with Forest Of Life & Future Park in Guangzhou, China. It’s opening at the end of this month, so get excited.

The most sensational installation in this exhibition features a floating forest of fluorescently lit egg-shaped objects that detect human movement—totally wacky but totally cool. The Weightless Forest Of Resonating Life immerses you in a gravity-defying art space as the exhibition moves and floats around you—on the ground and in the air— while you can see the objects shining bright and going dim, almost as if they’re breathing. There is some deep meaning to this for any art lovers out there, but for everyone else, this is just super cool and makes for a killer addition to your Instagram feed.

If you make the trip to Guangzhou’s new art exhibition, you’ll be able to witness four other awe-inspiring installations as well as a Future Park filled with life-sized games.

The display is set to run from 27 April to 7 October and will be running at the Party Pier Culture and Art Zone. Tickets start from roughly $30, so it’s an affordable (and wacky) way to escape reality.

Did you hear about the interactive Monopoly experience in Hong Kong? Why not make a pit stop there on your way over to Guangzhou. 

Image credit: teamLab

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