That’s Fine, Leave | 30 Lessons Girls Taught Us

By Holly Nicholls
15th Mar 2017

Maybe it’s the lack of boundaries, the rebelliousness of the show or its general unapologetic nature, but whatever it is, we’re sold on Girls. Witty, narcissistic and irritatingly self-absorbed, Hannah, Jessa, Shosh and Marni give zero F's about most things, yet have strong opinions on just about everything…even (especially?) topics they’re not informed on. And while we should probably take a few of the lessons from Girls with a grain of salt, there sure were a few gems to come out over the six amazing seasons of this show.

So to celebrate the end of this damn fine series, here are 30 very important lessons Girls taught us about life.

  1. It’s OK to feel more like a dumpling than a woman
  2. Always wear a bikini under a wetsuit
  3. Don’t steal friends' boyfriends
  4. Everyone wants to go to Aruba
  5. Be done with judging and superiority—it's not cool
  6. Corduroy overalls, however, are very cool
  7. You should always want to play truth or dare
  8. Compost your life choices
  9. Living in Japan will help you fold, seam and press
  10. Road trips aren’t metaphors
  11. We can all be better observers of life if we’re not thinking about ourselves
  12. Value is found through watching sitcoms
  13. We can’t all be perfect, everyone has their own path
  14. Exercise like you own the block
  15. Always wee after…you know
  16. People will judge you less if you get better haircuts
  17. There is nothing creepier than a fish
  18. You can earn money making paper mache houses
  19. Jealously is a green eyed monster
  20. Loyalty will get you everywhere
  21. Boredom is for lazy people with no imagination
  22. We should all want to be Fleetwood Mac
  23. Don’t get mad at fun
  24. No one likes being tickled
  25. When in doubt, always choose spanx
  26. It’s liberating to say no to shit you hate
  27. Always wrap your sun cream in a plastic bag when travelling
  28. It should be easier to love something than to hate it
  29. Never wear a scrunchy
  30. Your only limitation is your own mind

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Image credit: Punch Drunk Critics

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