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The 7 Essentials For The Ultimate Bucks Party

By Ben Phillips.
22nd Feb 2017

The urban legend about Bucks parties is undoubtedly true. If a man’s Bucks party is nothing short of spectacular, he will suffer a terrible curse. A mediocre Bucks party leads to a mediocre marriage. The first signs the curse of the butchered bucks has been triggered will be on your wedding day. The event will start with rain and end with your guests in the emergency room with food poisoning from undercooked hors d'oeuvre. The curse does not stop there; it only grows stronger. Your future children will be ugly and disobedient and your future partner will loathe the very ground you walk on. The curse of the butchered Bucks has the potential to derail your life. 

There is only one sure-fire way to avoid such calamity, and that’s to throw a Bucks party for the ages. We’ve joined forces with Munich Brauhaus, an epic Bavarian Bierhaus and the destination of choice for Bucks in the know. It’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about throwing a final, ultimate night of freedom. 

Here are seven bucks party essentials that you really should know about.

#1 Choose Your Groomsmen Wisely

We all have that one mate who couldn’t organise a fart in a curry-house. He might be the best bloke in the world, but keep him well away from organising the Bucks party. Traditionally, it is the groomsmen who take a lead role in putting together the big day. Choose proven leaders who won’t be shy about bossing around an unruly mob of larrikins. 

#2 Ditto For The Guest List 

The official invite list for a Bucks party should be created by the groom and sent to the chief organiser with plenty of time to spare. The list must include email addresses and phone numbers of all potential attendees. The groomsmen will then review the list and suggest additional Bucks to add to the list before locking in the venue. It’s a big day, so steer clear of inviting any two-can Sam’s who lose the plot in the first hour and end up falling head first into their stein. 

#3 Location, Location, Location

There is nothing worse than sitting on a bus for two hours drenched in sweat after an afternoon of paintball, clay pigeon shooting or go-karting. Don’t get me wrong, these activities can be a lot of fun, but they’re often hosted at remote locations and the travel time between venues can put a real dampener on the mood of the day. Choose a central location with minimal travel times. My advice is to hire a space and have the entertainment come to you. You want a central location, easy access to taxis (for the mate mentioned in #5) and plenty of options for late night kick-ons. Somewhere that the beer flows freely all night long and partying like a German is encouraged, so you can prost your buck’s last night of freedom.

#4 Know Your Limits 

For many of us, our mind begins to wander as soon as we hear the news that one of our best mates has popped the question. We envision grand parties in Vegas that would make the cast of The Hangover movies blush. Within hours we’re online sourcing cheap flights to Ibiza or Cancun. Yes, these ideas are great and it’s so much fun to get swept up in daydreams about pool parties; busting out to a live set by David Guetta with your crew. Revert back to #2 and think about how many people on that list will be able to take time off work for a few weeks to travel across the world for a Bucks party. Instead, ditch the exxy plane ticket and head to Munich Brauhaus, where it's Oktoberfest all year ‘round, because there are plenty of carbs to soak up all of the beer, and a big meal, German style. Know your limits. 

#5 Double-Up

The first point of call for the legends organising the Bucks party should be to ensure the Hens party is happening on the same night. The number one killer of all Bucks parties is the groom-to-be glued to his phone texting his fiancé. They have the rest of their lives to send cute emojis or argue about strippers. Doubling up is the key to making sure both parties have a night to remember. If you can’t pry your mate’s phones away, at least put them to good use by Snapping your Buck throwing back a 1L stein.

#6 Set The Rules Early

We know it’s an honourable rule to ‘never leave any man behind’, but what if you have a few dead-set liabilities coming along to the Bucks party? You know the type—they get over excited too early in the day, and by the time it comes to showing their ID to the bouncer they hand over their library card by mistake, before smiling cross-eyed, hiccupping, stumbling backwards and inevitably being refused entry to the establishment. Have ironclad rules set in place, along with a game plan, before heading out so you have a solution to these types of problems. We recommend that you arm everyone with a pretzel in one hand and a stein in the other, because drinking on an empty stomach never ends well (we’ve all been there).

#7 Entertainment

A Bucks party is no ordinary party. A few games of pool at your local pub will not cut it for such an important day. Think carefully about what the Buck loves to do. If he’s a poker fanatic, then organise a few state-of-the-art tables and a professional dealer to host the game. If he has a penchant for Bavarian Beer and epic dude food (what buck doesn’t?), then a table at Munich Brauhaus will deliver the goods. It’ll also kick off the entertainment early, with an Oom Pah Pah band from 6pm, daily.  Ideally, you want multiple activities back-to-back to keep everyone entertained for the whole day, but be aware that sun and drinks don’t mix in large doses.

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Munich Brauhaus | Image credit: Michelle Jarni

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