The First Ever Nutella Cafe Is Opening This Month!

By Anna Franklyn
17th May 2017

In what is undoubtedly the most exciting news in the history of the world, the first ever Nutella cafe is opening this month! Unfortunately for us folk down under, it’s opening in Chicago, so I guess you’ll want to start planning your next US holiday now.

The two-level cafe will be serving brekky, lunch and dinner—yup, the Nutella cafe is serving savoury shizz too—and you can expect all sorts of glorious Nutella drenched dishes like crepes, gelato, cookies, muffins and Nutella-spiked favourites from porridge and granola to French toast and pancakes.

Catcha later Oz, we’re off to Chicago.

Did you hear, there's also a bar dedicated to avocado!

Image credit: Nutella

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