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The Inkey List Is The New Budget Skincare Label Rivalling The Ordinary

By Jessica Pridmore
4th Sep 2018


In 2017, The Ordinary (part of UK parent company, Deciem) launched around the world, and quickly became the skincare launch of the year. A streamlined, paired back range, their products came without the usual frills; no fancy labelling (though their minimalistic branding has done wonders for their identity and subsequent sales), no ‘cute’ product names, just a focus on simple, hard-working products at a price point that didn’t make your eyes water, or your wallet burn a hole in your pocket.

In what has set the beauty world into overdrive the past few days, newcomer The Inkey List has just launched—and it’s making heads turn.

Just like stripped back skincare brands before them, The Inkey List gets that customers want a product that does (quite literally) what it says on the tin and that we also want a solid understanding of the ingredients we put on our skin.

To put it simply, we want to know what our money is getting us—and it would be great to do so without having to donate a kidney to afford it. Inkey certainly fits the bill.

The Inkey List is essentially a collection of 15 ‘hero’ products such as kaolin clay, retinol, collagen, zinc oxide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and caffeine (all the skincare buzzwords, basically); key ingredients that are proven to solve a myriad of skin concerns from acne to scaring, dehydration to pigmentation. Their deal? Products with as few ingredients as possible, that you can customise to your skin type. Oh, and they don’t test on animals. That's a tick from us!

Not sure where to start on the path to stripped back skincare? Their website has round-the-clock advice and a host of faqs to ensure you have all the info you need on your quest to healthy, happy skin.

While we’re yet to get our hands on Inkey just yet, something tells us you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them. Check out the full range right here.

Image credit: The Inkey List

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