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Grab The Popcorn, The Kissing Booth Cast Confirm A Third And Final Flick Is Headed Our Way

By Morgan Reardon
27th Jul 2020

stars of the kissing booth movies Joey King and Jacob Elordi move in to kiss each other on set. Behind them is large red sign that reads Kiss on it.

If you, like us, devoured The Kissing Booth 2 over the weekend and were left reeling with the cliffhanger ending then you’ll be absolutely buzzing with this bombshell news…

TKB star Joel Courtney, aka the absolute honey Lee Flynn, revealed in a YouTube event with the cast that a third movie in the teen romance franchise is in the works. And even better, it’s already been shot. Take that COVID!

According to reports, the latest instalment was secretly filmed at the same time as the sequel and is currently in post-production. The entire cast will be in it too, including star Joey King, Aussie Jacob Elordi, new heartthrob Taylor Zakhar Perez and Molly Ringwald. 

While you might think it was premature for the third flick to be filmed before the second was even released, the original Kissing Booth was one of the most downloaded movies on Netflix in 2018. So yea, the fan base (us!) is strong. 

The plot of the third film is still under wraps but we can assume (note: spoilers ahead) that it will take place at university as we saw our favourite BFFs Elle (King) and Lee (Courtney) finally graduate from high school at the end of the sequel. But as to which university the flick takes place at—Harvard with her love Noah (Elordi) or Berkley with Lee—was left up in the air at the closing credits.

Either way, you won’t have to wait too long for the final flick, with it slated for release in 2021.

Until then you just need to figure out—are you team Noah or team Marco?

Image description: Marcos Cruz/Netflix

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