Things To Spend All Your Money On This July

By Sophie Colvin
1st Jul 2016

things to spend your money on

We've really taken one for the team this month and included a few bits and pieces that won't break the bank, and WILL see you enjoying a night in on the couch. Stay warm, peeps. And remember, saving is for boring people. 

Stay On Point

We're suckers for a stunning piece of jewellery. Whether it's five smakeroons or a whole damn pay cheque, as long as it sparkles a little, we're in. 

Stay Entertained

I'm all about laying low over winter, so I thought I'd throw together a few entertainment suggestions. It's a pretty broad mix, mostly because I don't want to admit just how up-to-date I am with Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Stay Warm

Winter is the the breath of the devil, and if the layers I'm wearing are anything to go by, he's puffing. Rug up, drink tea, buy all the cashmere products you can get your hands on, and for the love of god, don't leave the house. 

Image credit: Ella Sanders

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