24 Things You’ll Understand If You Don’t Watch Game Of Thrones

By Anna May
7th Jul 2018


Good God, people. It’s just a bloody TV show. And before you @ me telling me I can’t possibly begin to appreciate if I’ve never watched it, please know that I know you’re right.

But this isn’t about that. It’s about the small (but mighty) percentage of the population that doesn’t give a flying dragon baby about GoT, it’s recently announced prequels (or something) and probably never will. Let us unite as one, friends. 

  1. “No, really. Never” is your catchphrase.
  2. You’ve learnt that Mondays are no-go zones for making plans with your GoT-watching friends.
  3. And that you can sit quietly and sip your coffee on Tuesday morning while everyone else gasbags about this week’s storyline.
  4. Which is probably something to do with a woman having sex with a dragon.
  5. Or an incest orgy.
  6. On that note, you are still grossed out by incest. 
  7. Meaning you’re normal.
  8. You are actually spending less time on social media because it is literally all about this godforsaken show. Even when the damn thing hasn’t been on TV for a bloody year.
  9. You have stopped telling people that you started watching it once, but got bored or confused and gave up.
  10. You have also stopped telling people that you don’t regret that decision.
  11. Or. Or. Or. You have every intention of watching it…
  12. One day.
  13. Maybe.
  14. But since you’ve overheard said gasbagging, you know everything that happens anyway.
  15. Like orgies and incest.
  16. So what’s the point?
  17. Truth be told, you still use the GIFs, because they’re relevant to your life.
  18. Namely the shame one when someone skips out on after work drinks.
  19. You know there are houses in GoT.
  20. But you know the only houses you’ll ever care about are the ones in Harry Potter.
  21. Which is obviously the only fantasy series you’ll ever care about. 
  22. You don’t doubt your friends when they say you’d love it.
  23. Because, let’s be honest, everyone can’t be wrong. 
  24. Although you’re quite happy in your incest orgy-free bubble, TYVM.


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Image credit: HBO

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