This Is The Sell-Out $18 Anti-Ageing Face Serum Kim K Swears By

By Jessica Pridmore
19th Apr 2018


So that we’re clear, I love Kimmy K. If she endorses a product, especially skincare (have you seen her visage? Insta filter or not, she’s #flawless) I’m alllll in.

In light of this divisive statement, I’d normally advise to take the following article with a pinch of salt but repeat global sell outs and a cult-like following takes more than just one celeb endorsement. Just saying…

Kim has made no secret about her enduring quest for the best anti-ageing products (same), so her recent statement spruiking the effectiveness of beauty brand, The Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion has sent the internet (read: me) into a total meltdown.

Retinoid essentially is a broad term for any product that contains Vitamin A and is used in beauty products for its effective anti-ageing properties. The Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion is being touted as a ‘low irritant’, which simply means it’s less abrasive on the skin compared to other retinoid products, whilst still achieving some pretty impressive anti-ageing results.

So, what exactly does it do and why should you care?

Glad you asked. Specifically designed to treat skin concerns such as ageing, acne (and scars) and pigmentation (hello, sun damage, dark circles etc etc) it also kick-starts cell turnover to correct skin texture and uneven skin tone (enter: smooth, clear skin—huzzah!). That’s some hard-working serum right there for under $20.

Whatever your thoughts and feels on the celebrity juggernaut that is KKW, you can’t deny she picks some absolute crackers to throw some clout at.

Want to get your hands on it? It's still in stock here in Australia, and here in New Zealand.

Image credit: The Ordinary

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